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A users search terms (e.g. Lawyer in Hitchin)
When your website is shown in search results, regardless if it was clicked or not.
Where your website shows on a SERP on average across visitors for that query.


User X = Website shows in position #2
User Y = Website shows in position #5
therefore Average Position = "2 + 5 / 2 queries " = Position 3.5

Many factors play a part in average position.
CTR stands for click-through ratio. It is how often users clicked on your website from an impression.


Impressions = 20
Clicks = 5
CTR = 5 clicks / 20 impressions = 25%
How many times a webpage has been viewed (regardless of the user). "Unique" pageviews are measured by unique users only, not how many times they reloaded or came back to that page.
The percentage of visits that go only one page before exiting a site - the lower the better. We can always improve bounce rate, but never eliminate it as that's the nature of how people browse the internet. Our aim is to keep the bounce rate as low as possible - this can include tweaking the website, making information more readily available or simply by having relevant content that users originally searched for.
These are the types of traffic that come to your site - which can be either direct or indirect. A good balance of Search Engine, Direct, Referral and Paid should make up a websites traffic sources.
The listing of results returned by a search engine in response to a search query. We use this term to inform you of how well your pages are ranked for a specific search query, and how important Google sees your webpage for that query.